Getting to a New Normal

Are you separating but want to put your children first? This collaborative practice minimizes the stress and fighting.  Holden B. Clark - Attorney at Law, PLLC goal is to reach a solution to help every one gently turn the page, without expense and stress of the court system.

Turning the page collaboratively asks both parties to take an active role in their divorce and child custody.  In North Carolina, our courts require mediation of child custody.  Our job at Holden B. Clark - Attorney at Law, PLLC is to try to resolve and mediate issues before the parties ever file law suits.  Working collaboratively allows both parties to keep the details out of court filings.  We cannot promise that it will make an easy divorce or an easy child custody case.

We can promise that we will do our best at Holden B. Clark - Attorney at Law, PLLC to soften the stress and put your family first.   

Family Board Game